Lake Kharfak

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Lake Kharfak
جھیل خارکاف
Location Kharfaque
Ghanche District Gilgit–Baltistan
Coordinates 35°10′17″N 76°12′19″E / 35.17139°N 76.20528°E / 35.17139; 76.20528 (kharfaque Lake)
Basin countries Pakistan
Max. length 837m
Max. width 468m
Surface elevation 3350m
Islands no
Settlements Khaplu

Lake Kharfak (Urdu: جھیل خارکاف‎) is a high altitude natural lake found in Kharfak Baltistan, Pakistan, and is famous for its indigenous fish species. The lake and its environs serve as an important wildlife is located 2km away from the krfaque village.