Lake Khasan

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Lake Khasan
Location Khasansky District, Primorsky Krai
Coordinates 42°26′55″N 130°36′29″E / 42.44861°N 130.60806°E / 42.44861; 130.60806Coordinates: 42°26′55″N 130°36′29″E / 42.44861°N 130.60806°E / 42.44861; 130.60806
Primary outflows Tanbogatyi River
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 2.23 km²
War memorial outside Khasan, on the bluffs where the Battle of Lake Khasan took place in 1938

Lake Khasan or Lake Hassan (Russian: озеро Хасан; Chinese: 哈桑湖; pinyin: Hāsāng Hú) is a small lake in Khasansky District, Primorsky Krai of Russia, located southeast of Posyet Bay, on the border with North Korea and China, 130 km southwest of Vladivostok. It has a surface area of 2.23 km2. The Tanbogatyi River flows from the lake. The lake, described as "the tight corner where the territories of Korea, Manchuria, and Russia meet",[1] was the site of the Battle of Lake Khasan in summer 1938.

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