Lake Kinkony

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Lake Kinkony
Lake Kinkony NASA.jpg
from space
LocationMahajanga Province
Coordinates16°9′0″S 45°50′0″E / 16.15000°S 45.83333°E / -16.15000; 45.83333Coordinates: 16°9′0″S 45°50′0″E / 16.15000°S 45.83333°E / -16.15000; 45.83333
Basin countriesMadagascar
Surface areaca. 100 km2 (39 sq mi)
Official nameLac Kinkony
Designated5 June 2012
Reference no.2048[1]

Lake Kinkony is a large lake in the northwestern part of Madagascar,[2] in the Mahajanga Province. It is located at around 16°9′0″S 45°50′0″E / 16.15000°S 45.83333°E / -16.15000; 45.83333 and has an area of about 100 km². The lake is an important wetland site for birds.


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