Lake Lama

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Lake Lama
Putorana2. Lama lake..jpg
Panorama of the lake
Lake Lama is located in Russia
Lake Lama
Lake Lama
Location in Russia
Location Krasnoyarsk Krai
Coordinates 69°31′02″N 90°37′30″E / 69.5172222°N 90.625°E / 69.5172222; 90.625Coordinates: 69°31′02″N 90°37′30″E / 69.5172222°N 90.625°E / 69.5172222; 90.625
Primary outflows Lama
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 320 to 460 km2 (120 to 180 sq mi)

Lake Lama (Russian: Лама) is a large freshwater lake (of tectonic origin) in Krasnoyarsk Krai, north-central part of Russia.[1]


Lake Lama is located in the Putorana Plateau area at 69°31′02″N 90°37′30″E / 69.5172222°N 90.625°E / 69.5172222; 90.625, 140 km east off the city of Norilsk, and has an area of 318 km² (other sources state 460 km²). It is 80 km long and up to 8 km wide (other sources state length of 100 km and width of 20 km) with a depth ranging from 300 to 600 m. Lake Lama is connected with Lake Melkoye by the Lama River.[2]

The lake was surveyed and described for the first time by Russian scientist Nikolay Urvantsev and his colleague Bazanov during an expedition in 1921.

Origin of the name[edit]

The hydronym Lama comes from Tungusic word laamu where it mean sea, ocean, big water.

There was no lake named Lama on the map of Russian Asia published in 1911 by the Russian General staff. The lake was pictured very approximately and was named Davydovo.

Views of the lake

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