Lake Manantali

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Manantali Dam
Lake Manantali
10.34748W 13.10430N.png
View from space. The Manantali Dam is at the top left corner of the lake, with the Bafing River running towards Senegal to the northwest. The river continues directly south.
Coordinates 13°09′29″N 10°20′38″W / 13.158°N 10.344°W / 13.158; -10.344Coordinates: 13°09′29″N 10°20′38″W / 13.158°N 10.344°W / 13.158; -10.344
Type artificial
Primary inflows Bafing River
Primary outflows Bafing River
Basin countries Mali
Surface area 477 km2
Water volume 11.3 billion m3
Settlements Manantali, Tondidji

Lake Manantali is a large artificial lake, formed by the 1989 construction of the Manantali Dam, on the Bafing River in Mali. Its northern point is located 90 km to the south-east of the city of Bafoulabé.


Lake Manantali covers 477 km2 and contains 11.3 billion m3 of water. Its formation forced 12,000 people from their homes and flooded 120 km2 of forest. The lake largely ended the flood patterns on both the Bafing and Senegal Rivers, compromising traditional agriculture which depended upon seasonal flooding. The lake has created benefits as well: consistent navigation downstream of the dam, use of for irrigation of surrounding land, and a source for commercial fishing. The dam itself provides hydroelectric power through much of the region.[1]


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