Lake Manych-Gudilo

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Lake Manych-Gudilo
Lake Manych-Gudilo satellite-photo.png
Lake Manych Gudilo, as seen from space.
Location Kalmykia
Coordinates 46°20′09″N 42°47′58″E / 46.33583°N 42.79944°E / 46.33583; 42.79944Coordinates: 46°20′09″N 42°47′58″E / 46.33583°N 42.79944°E / 46.33583; 42.79944
Lake type saline
Primary outflows Sea of Azov (via the West Manych River)
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 344 km2 (133 sq mi)
Average depth 0.6 m (2 ft 0 in)
Surface elevation 8 m (26 ft)[1]
Designated September 13, 1994[2]

Lake Manych-Gudilo (Russian: Ма́ныч-Гуди́ло) is a large saltwater reservoir lake in Kalmykia, Russia. Part of the lake lies also in Rostov Oblast and Stavropol Krai. It has an area of about 344 km² and average depth of only about 0.6 m.[3]

Lake Manych-Gudilo is the source of the West Manych River, which flows north-west, through a number of reservoirs, falling into the lower Don a short distance upstream from Rostov-on-Don and the Don's fall into the Sea of Azov.

Temperatures in the region through the year can range from -30 °C in winter to 40 °C in summer. The area is also home to many species of birds and is the site of the Chernye Zemli Biosphere Reserve.[4][5][6]

A global sea level rise of roughly 25 metres would cause the ocean surface to be higher than the highest point of an area between the ocean and the Caspian, forming a narrow channel straddling the lake in the area between the Sea of Azov and the Caspian Sea, potentially placing the Caspian Depression area under water.[7][8]

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