Lake McKerrow

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Lake McKerrow
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Jetboat ride along Lake McKerrow
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Lake McKerrow
Location Fiordland, Southland District, Southland Region, South Island
Coordinates 44°26′S 168°03′E / 44.433°S 168.050°E / -44.433; 168.050Coordinates: 44°26′S 168°03′E / 44.433°S 168.050°E / -44.433; 168.050
Primary inflows Hollyford River
Primary outflows Hollyford River
Basin countries New Zealand
Surface area 28 km2 (11 sq mi)

Lake McKerrow, also known by the Māori name of Whakatipu Waitai, lies at the northern end of Fiordland, in the southwest of New Zealand's South Island. The lake runs from southeast to northwest, is 15 kilometers (~~~~Kmarquez96) in length, and covers 28 km².

Lake McKerrow drains, and is drained by, the Hollyford River. It is one of two lakes (along with Lake Alabaster) found in the lower reaches of the Hollyford River system, and the Hollyford Track, one of New Zealand's most well-known and popular tramping tracks, follows its eastern shore for its full length.

The lake is technically a fiord which has been cut off from the Tasman Sea by sediment. The sea is now three kilometers (~~~~Kmarquez96) from the lake's northern end.

The Alpine Fault goes through the lake. Researchers from GNS Science and University of Nevada, Reno have studied sediments from the 24 last Alpine Fault earthquakes near the lake and have found the most regular rupture behavior (~~~~Kmarquez96) yet observed.[1]


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