Lake Metelys

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Lake Metelys
Location Alytus County
Coordinates 54°17′51″N 23°46′18″E / 54.29750°N 23.77167°E / 54.29750; 23.77167Coordinates: 54°17′51″N 23°46′18″E / 54.29750°N 23.77167°E / 54.29750; 23.77167
Basin countries Lithuania
Surface area 12.92 km2 (4.99 sq mi)
Max. depth 15 m (49 ft)

Lake Metelys is located in southern Lithuania's Alytus County. The lake, covering 1,292 hectares, has a maximum depth of 15 metres.[1] It lies with the boundaries of Meteliai Regional Park. Lake Metelys formed from melted ice lump.

The lake is a notable waterfowl habitat; populations of great crested grebes, greylag goose, and the globally near-threatened ferruginous duck have been observed there.[2]