Lake Michigan Admirals

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Lake Michigan Admirals
Founded 2009
League ABA (2009-2011)
PBL (2012-present)
Team history Lake Michigan Admirals (2009-present)
Based in Berrien County, Michigan
Arena Lake Michigan Catholic High School & Benton Harbor High School
Colors black, gold, white, silver
Owner(s) Chris Glisson
Head coach Michael "Ace" Jackson
Championships 0
Dancers The Lady Admirals

The Lake Michigan Admirals are a team of the Premier Basketball League that began play in the 2009-10 season as a member of the American Basketball Association.[1] The Admirals are the second ABA team based in Berrien County, Michigan, after the Benton Harbor-based Twin City Ballers folded after their only season of 2006-07. The Admirals will play 15 home games, 10 in Lake Michigan Catholic High School in Saint Joseph, Michigan and 5 at Benton Harbor High School in Benton Harbor, Michigan

The Admirals are owned by Chris Glisson, former co-owner of fellow ABA teams the Smoky Mountain Jam and Tri-City Racers. Glisson hopes to set up a similar arena for the Admirals in time for the 2016 season

The Admirals finished their inaugural 2009-2010 season with 13 wins and 7 losses, with an 122-117 loss to North Division rivals Chicago Steam in the Division Championship Game. Captain and forward Dominick Melton was named to the ABA East All Star team, with Odgra Bobo, Antonio Griffin and Brandon Ball all honorary mentions in All Star voting.[2]

For the 2012 season, the Admirals have joined the Premier Basketball League[3]

Lake Michigan Leads PBL Teams in Player Advancements by Anthony Weihofen posted 04/10/2014

Chicago, IL- The Lake Michigan Admirals (6-12) finished the season third in the Midwest division, sixth in the league but first in most players signed to the next level of basketball.

Admirals’ owner Chris Glisson had nine players get signed to overseas contracts this season through agents.

Odgra Bobo was a guard for Lake Michigan this year before he was signed to play for Al Karkh in Iraq back in February. He averaged 20 points per game for seven games with the Admirals this year, but showed he could do more than just score.

Bobo was an all-around star player for the Admirals. He contributed to teammates baskets with 63 assists, had 67 rebounds and 10 steals.

Another important player to the Admirals organization was Kahlil McDonald. McDonald was with the Admirals this season longer than any other player who signed overseas before he left to play in Australia.[4]

McDonald played 13 games with the Admirals and made quite a name for himself amongst the people in St. Joseph, Michigan. He averaged almost 11 points per game, had 34 assists, 29 rebounds and 12 steals.

Lester Ferguson and Hamidu Rahman also played double-digit games for the Admirals this season. Ferguson was signed to a league in the Dominican Republic, but before he did he played in 11 games with the Admirals scoring 7.5 points per game, eight assists and 37 rebounds.

In 10 games Rahman averaged 9.7 points per game, 12 assists and 42 rebounds before he left to play professional basketball in Mexico.

Eladio Espinosa was the second player from Lake Michigan to get signed to the Dominican Republic. In seven games he scored 8.7 points per game but was most notorious for his 59 rebounds.

Stan Simpson and Florentino Valencia were a couple more players Admiral fans would have liked to see stick around longer.

Valencia left to go play in Puerto Rico after playing five games with the Admirals, averaging a whopping 14.8 points per game. His 34 total rebounds and seven steals showed he was a well-rounded player that could have made a strong impact for Lake Michigan down the stretch of the season.

Simpson averaged 14 points in three games with the Admirals before he left for Mexico.

Desmond Wade played five games and averaged 3.8 points per game before leaving for Canada, and Waki Williams played four games averaging a point-and-a-half per game before he was signed to play for Bahrain.

As much as an owner doesn’t want to see some of his best players leave, Glisson has brought quality basketball to St. Joseph, Michigan and helped these young gentlemen move on to get closer to reach their dreams of making it to the NBA.

In October 2014, the Admirals signed Bob Wegner, who at 7'8" has claimed to be the world's tallest professional athlete.[5]

Defensive Player of the Year; Repeat Winner

Chicago, IL- Courtney Blackmore has done it again. The 2013-14 PBL Defensive Player of the Year is a repeat recipient of the award for his superb performance during the 2014-15 season.

Blackmore was arguably the largest contributor to the Lake Michigan Admirals first ever championship series, during their first ever PBL post-season appearance, after they won their division, also for this first time. Courtney finished the season with 10 blocks, 94 defensive rebounds and second in the league with 53 steals proving to be the best defensive player in the league.

Though it does not have an effect on winning a defensive based award, Blackmore proved to be an all-around fantastic player with a team-leading 21.93 points per game and third on the team with 57 assists.

History Season Results[edit]

2009-2010 (14-6) 2010-2011 (22-6) 2011-2012 (4-14) 2012-2013 (4-11) 2013-2014 (6-12) 2014-2015 (12-4)

Head coach[edit]

2014 Roster[edit]


# Ht. Player College
1 United States 6'7 Odgra Bobo Oakland Community College
1 United States 6'6 Terrance Shaw Ferris State
3 United States 6'3 Kahlil McDonald Western Kentucky
4 United States 6'5 Reid Houston Genessee CC
4 United States 6'11 Hamidu Rahman New Mexico State
4 United States 6'5 Courtney Smith Sienna Heights
5 United States 6'2 Kenny Brown Ferris State
8 United States 6'10 Lester Ferguson Robert Morris
8 United States 6'7 Larry Logan Centenary
9 United States 6'4 Corvonn Gaines East Carolina
9 United States 6'9 Eladio Espinosa South Florida
10 United States 6'0 Maurice Benson Indiana Tech
12 United States 6'0 Corey Neeley Concord University
15 United States 5'9 Scott Odom Fort Worth Texas
15 United States 6'0 Kwan Waller Kentucky Wesleyan
15 United States 5'8 Desmond Wade University of Houston
15 United States 6'6 Fred Harris West Virginia State
15 United States 6'8 Shimeek Johnson St. Edwards University
23 United States 6'10 Stan Simpson Memphis
23 United States 6'8 Shane Ross Toledo
25 United States 6'6 Florentino Valencia Toledo
25 United States 7'2 John Riek Mississippi
33 United States 6'3 Courtney Blackmore Ferris State
32 United States 6'10 Waki Williams Memphis

2011-12 Roster[edit]

# Ht. Player College
2 United States 6'1 Greg Plater Long Beach State
3 United States 6'1 Steve Strong Robert Morris
4 United States 6'5 Pete Trammell Grand Valley State
5 United States 6'7 Rodney Alexander Illinois
10 United States 6'4 Romain Martin Eastern Illinois
14 United States 6'11 Garrett Schmidt Urbana
15 United States 5'7 Ogdra Bobo Oakland CC
21 United States 7'3 Shagari Alleyne Kentucky
23 United States 6'1 Ryan Young Concordia Chicago
24 United States 5'10 Jay McCree Lake Michigan College
25 United States 6'1 Scotty Samarco Pikeville
33 United States 6'3 Courtney Blackmore Ferris State
42 United States 6'6 Florentino Valencia Toledo

2010-11 Season Schedule[edit]

Date Opponent Home/Away Score High points High rebounds High assists Location Record
December 4 Seattle Mountaineers Home 107-105 Dominick Melton (23), Odgra Bobo (23) Larry Logan (7) Steve Strong (4) Lake Michigan Catholic High School 1-0
December 5 Seattle Mountaineers Home 84-100 Odgra Bobo (18) DeAngelo Johnson (6), Dominick Melton (6) Steve Strong (4) Lake Michigan Catholic High School 1-1
December 11 West Virginia Blazers Home 129-131 Dominick Melton (35) DeAngelo Johnson (12) Steve Strong (9) Lake Michigan Catholic High School 1-2
December 12 West Virginia Blazers Home 115-103 Odgra Bobo (31) Odgra Bobo (10) Steve Strong (7) Coloma High School 2-2
December 18 Detroit Hoops Home 126-111 Dominick Melton (27) Larry Logan (11) Odgra Bobo (10) Lake Michigan Catholic High School 3-2
January 9 Chicago Steam Away 117-112 Odgra Bobo (28) South Suburban College 3-3
January 15 Indiana Diesels Away 124-112 4-3
January 22 NWI Magical Stars Home 131-106 Odgra Bobo (25) Lake Michigan Catholic High School 5-3
January 23 NWI Magical Stars Home 111-106 Odgra Bobo (26) Odgra Bobo (14) Odgra Bobo (4), Allen White (4) Bangor High School 6-3
January 29 Detroit Hoops Away 119-107 Odgra Bobo (25) Odgra Bobo (8) Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center, 5:30 pm 7-3
February 5 Chicago Steam Home 100-104 Odgra Bobo (25) Larry Logan (11) Odgra Bobo (5) Lake Michigan Catholic High School, 7 pm 7-4
February 12 NWI Magical Stars Home 111-117 Odgra Bobo (28) Gus Chase (11), Larry Logan (11) Brandon Ball (6), Odgra Bobo (6) Lake Michigan Catholic High School, 7 pm 7-5
February 19 Michiana Monarchs Home 140-112 Gus Chase (31) Gus Chase (13) Brandon Ball (10) Lake Michigan Catholic High School, 7 pm 8-5
February 20 Michiana Monarchs Away 128-109 Steve Strong (32) Gus Chase (16) Brandon Ball (10) Michigan Lutheran, 3 pm 9-5
February 26 ABA All-Star Game Away Jacksonville, FL
February 27 Detroit Hoops Home 143-111 Gus Chase (25) Gus Chase (9), Eddie Spencer (9) Jay McCree (9) Benton Harbor High School, 3 pm 10-5
March 2 Benton Harbor All-Stars Home 162-112 Odgra Bobo (35) Gus Chase (9) Brandon Ball (9), Odgra Bobo (9), Gus Chase (9), Steve Strong (9) Eau Claire High School, 6:30 pm 11-5
March 6 NWI Magical Stars, Tournament Away 112-104 Odgra Bobo (29) Odgra Bobo (13) Brandon Ball (8) Bangor High School, 3 pm 12-5
March 12 Chicago Steam, North Central Divisional Championship Away 121-98 Steve Strong (28) Gus Chase (16) Brandon Ball (10) South Suburban College, South Holland, IL, 7:15 pm (CST) 13-5
March 19 Seven City Knights Away Pike County Central HS, Pikeville, KY, 5 pm


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