Lake Muhikap

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Lake Muhikap
Lake Muhikap is located in Philippines
Lake Muhikap
Lake Muhikap
Location within the Philippines
Location Laguna
Group Seven Lakes of San Pablo
Coordinates 14°7′19″N 121°20′4″E / 14.12194°N 121.33444°E / 14.12194; 121.33444Coordinates: 14°7′19″N 121°20′4″E / 14.12194°N 121.33444°E / 14.12194; 121.33444
Type crater lake
Surface area 14.5 hectares (36 acres)
Surface elevation 80 metres (260 ft)
Settlements San Pablo City

Lake Muhikap (more commonly spelled as Mohicap or Mojicap) is one of the seven lakes of San Pablo City, in the province of Laguna, Philippines. The lake, located in Brgy. Santa Catalina, has an area of 14.5 hectares (36 acres) and is one of the main suppliers of water in the city. The waters of San Pablo Lakes provide a generous source of tilapia for Metro Manila and suburbs.[1][2]


The legend of Lake Muhikap is quite similar to those of Lakes Pandin and Yambo to the east. A couple had a very sickly daughter named Munica, and they frequently prayed to God for her health. They promised to do anything in exchange, to which God granted their prayer on condition that Munica must not set foot on soil. She thus grew up to be healthy and very industrious.

One day while her parents were away, Munica was sewing a dress. The ball of thread she was using fell on the ground and when she tried to retrieve it, she fainted and fell. She suddenly sank with the entire neighbourhood, and a lagoon was formed. This body of water was later called Muhikap, derived from the unfortunate girl's name, and mahikap, which means industrious in the local dialect of Tagalog.[3]


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