Lake Muhlenberg

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Lake Muhlenberg
Lake Muhlenberg (4).JPG
Lake Muhlenberg, March 2014
Location Allentown, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 40°35′39″N 75°30′21″W / 40.5942°N 75.5057°W / 40.5942; -75.5057Coordinates: 40°35′39″N 75°30′21″W / 40.5942°N 75.5057°W / 40.5942; -75.5057
Primary inflows Cedar Creek[1]
Primary outflows Cedar Creek[1]
Basin countries United States
Islands Sparkle Island

Lake Muhlenberg (more commonly called Muhlenberg Lake) is a lake in Cedar Creek Park located in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the United States.


The lake is so-named due to its proximity to Muhlenberg College, which itself was named for Henry Muhlenberg, the patriarch of the United States Lutheran Church. The lake is situated in Cedar Creek Park which is part Allentown's park system, Lake Muhlenberg is stocked for fishing and is a refuge for many ducks and Canada geese. Cedar Creek flows into and out of the lake.[1]

In its center is Sparkle Island. In 2013, the Lehigh Valley Audubon Society installed a 20-feet tall chimney swift tower on the island.[2] The tower has insulation panels to prevent the chimney from getting too hot in late spring, which could threaten the wildlife living there.[2]

In 2013 the lake was chemically treated and cleaned, removing the overgrown algae and making it more appealing overall.[3] The herbicides used were not harmful to the fish and surrounding wildlife.[3]


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