Lake Nottely

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Lake Nottely
Nottley dam.jpg
Nottely Dam
LocationUnion County, Georgia,
United States
CoordinatesCoordinates: 34°55′40″N 84°04′29″W / 34.9278°N 84.0748°W / 34.9278; -84.0748
Primary inflowsNottely River
Primary outflowsNottely River
Basin countriesUnited States
Max. length20 mi (32 km)
Max. width102 ft (31 m)
Average depth10.6 m (35 ft)
Max. depth30 m (98 ft)

Lake Nottely (also called Nottely Reservoir) is one of many reservoirs of the Tennessee Valley Authority. It is located entirely in Union County, Georgia in the United States. Formed in 1942 by the damming of the Nottely River, Nottely Reservoir extends 20 miles (30 km) upstream to the town of Blairsville.

Construction of Nottely Dam began in 1941 and was completed in 1942. The dam is 184 feet (56 m) high and stretches 2,300 feet (701 m) across the Nottely River. Lake Nottely is approximately 20 miles (32 km) long and 102 feet (31 m) wide as well as an average depth of 10.6 metres (35 ft), a max depth of 98 feet (30 m) at the dam, and has a flood-storage capacity of 61,588 acre feet (75,968,000 m3). Its primary purpose was for flood control in the Tennessee River watershed, but in the 1950s a single 15 megawatt generator was installed for power generation.

Approximately 70% of the shoreline is under the jurisdiction of the United States Forest Service and undeveloped. In recent years, many new homes and properties have contributed to Lake Nottely's growing importance for recreation. Its proximity to Atlanta (2 hours) is resulting in increased use of this reservoir.

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