Lake Oviáchic

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Lake Ouiachic
from space, October 1994
Location Sierra Madre Occidental, Cajeme, Sonora, Mexico
Coordinates 27°53′N 109°55′W / 27.883°N 109.917°W / 27.883; -109.917Coordinates: 27°53′N 109°55′W / 27.883°N 109.917°W / 27.883; -109.917
Type reservoir
Primary inflows Yaqui River
Primary outflows Yaqui River
Basin countries Mexico

Lake Ouiachic (also referred to as the Álvaro Obregón Reservoir) is located in the foothills of the Sierra Madre Occidental and is created by the Álvaro Obregón Dam. Lake Ouiachic is fed by and drained by the Yaqui River. The dam was completed in 1952 with the purpose to regulate water flow of the Yaqui River, prevent floods, and generate electricity. Lake Ouiachic is also an expanding tourist and resort area specializing in fishing, boating, and water skiing.