Lake Palas Tuzla

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Lake Palas Tuzla
Palas Tuzla Gölü
Palas Tuzla Lake from airplane (12000 meters).JPG
Aerial view of Lake Palas Tuzla.
Lake Palas Tuzla Palas Tuzla Gölü is located in Turkey
Lake Palas Tuzla Palas Tuzla Gölü
Lake Palas Tuzla
Palas Tuzla Gölü
Location of Lake Palas Tuzla in Turkey.
Coordinates39°01′N 35°48′E / 39.017°N 35.800°E / 39.017; 35.800Coordinates: 39°01′N 35°48′E / 39.017°N 35.800°E / 39.017; 35.800
Typesaline lake
Basin countriesTurkey
Surface area25 km2 (10 sq mi)
Surface elevation1,054 m (3,458 ft)

Lake Palas Tuzla (Turkish: Palas Tuzla Gölü) is a saline lake in Kayseri Province, central Turkey. It is a registered natural protected area.

The lake is situated in the Palas neighborhood of Sarıoğlan district in Kayseri province. It is 60 km (37 mi) away from the city of Kayseri. The lake is at the center of a closed basin.[1] Its elevation is 1,054 m (3,458 ft) above mean sea level. The surface area is 25–35 km2 (9.7–13.5 sq mi). It is fed by five creeks. During the dry season, the lake basin is covered by a 10 cm (4 in) layer of salt. The lake is the site of a salt works.[2][3]

The surrounding area of the lake is a wetland, which is located on bird migration routes and habitat of some endemic flora. The wetland was declared a natural protected area of first degree on June 26, 2009.[2][3]


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