Lake Parade

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Lake Parade
Lake Parade 2007 001.jpg
Lake Parade 7 July 2007
Genre Electronic music
Dates July
Location(s) Lake Geneva, Switzerland
Years active 1997-2015
Lake Parade

The Lake Parade was a large technoparade which was organised every year from 1997, on month of July, in Geneva on the quay of Lake Geneva.[1]


The Lake Parade has been one of the main Geneva events of the last eighteen years from when it was first organised. Every year thousands of people went to and followed the parade and then participated in the after parties in the evening.

After nearly two continuous decades, the Lake Parade did no longer take place in 2016.[2]

Program of the Parade[edit]

The Parade typically starts at parc Mon Repos, on the right side of Lake Geneva. People wishing to participate actively in the Parade, by being on one of the Lovemobiles, should be there at 2:00 PM if they want a chance to get on one of the mobiles.

The Parade starts moving at around 4:00 PM and moves slowly along the quay to the other side of the lake right up to the Quai Gustave Ador. There the Parade stops and the night continues with the Lake Sensation.

The Love Mobiles[edit]

Every year there are up to 20 Lovemobiles. Generally each one is sponsored by a different company who decorates the Mobile with its colors. Pioneer once decorated a Mobile using large plasma displays. Each Mobile will generally have several DJs but who shall often play the same kind of music, the most common ones being Techno, Trance, Electro and House. The company sponsoring the Mobile can also insist that those wishing to ride on it wear a certain color theme so as to give a uniform look to the car.

Lake Sensation[edit]

After the Parade, all the Lovemobiles shall come to a stop and all wishing to may climb on. Stages shall also be set up so DJs may perform alongside professional dancers and light shows.

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