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Ilsan Lake Park in Goyang.

Ilsan Lake Park (Hangul일산 호수공원; RRIlsan Hosu Gongwon) is a city park in Janghang-dong, Ilsan-gu district, Goyang city, Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea.

History and layout[edit]

Ilsan Lake Park was opened on 4 May 1996 with a total space of approximately 1,034,000 square metres (11,130,000 sq ft). It was constructed over a period of about 3 years (from Jan 1993 to Dec 1995).[1] The lake's surface area is approximately 300,000 square metres (3,200,000 sq ft) and is reportedly the largest artificial lake in Asia.[2][1]

The park was designed to provide natural-looking spaces for outdoor recreation in an urban area that is isolated from natural water and trees.


Ilsan Lake Park is divided into two parts by Dal-ma-ji island (달맞이섬) which is located in the middle of the lake. The northern part is built around a real natural lake with much of the original plant growth retained. The southern part is an artificial lake with many squares and fountains.

There is an octagonal pavilion on Dal-ma-ji island called "Wal-pa-jung" (월파정). In the middle of the park, there is the Go-sa fountain (고사 분수) which spouts over 10 m high during the daytime in the summer. Also in the middle of the park, there is Han-ul square (한울 광장), which is occasionally used for rollerblade contests or by a skateboarding club.

There are several recreational facilities, such as a promenade road, bicycle path, inline skating, walking, and jogging trails that encircle the lake. Ilsan Lake Park also features a large variety of wild flowers and plants, such as cactus, arboretum and botanical gardens.

It is the venue for the annual Goyang International Flower Festival. It was the filming location of Seoul Broadcasting System's drama Star's Lover.[3]


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