Pyhäjärvi (Tampere region)

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Lake Pyhäjärvi
Pyhäjärvi flo 01.jpg
Location Pirkanmaa, Finland
Coordinates 61°29′N 023°40′E / 61.483°N 23.667°E / 61.483; 23.667Coordinates: 61°29′N 023°40′E / 61.483°N 23.667°E / 61.483; 23.667
Primary inflows Tammerkoski
Primary outflows Nokianvirta
Basin countries Finland
Surface area 121.61 km2 (46.95 sq mi)[1]
Max. depth 46 m (151 ft)
Surface elevation 77.2 m (253 ft)[1]
Settlements Tampere, Nokia, Lempäälä
References [1]

Pyhäjärvi is a lake in southern Finland. Although the name means in modern Finnish "holy lake", it probably meant originally "border lake". Pyhäjärvi is shaped like the letter "C" with the cities of Tampere and Nokia on the northern end, and town of Lempäälä at the southern end.

The lake is fed by the water running through the Tammerkoski rapids in the center of Tampere in the north, and by the waters from lake Vanajavesi in the south. Because of the Tammerkoski rapids, the water in Pyhäjärvi is warmer and richer in ozone than that in the northern lake, Näsijärvi, which results in the life in this lake being richer, even though the water is more polluted.

There are a number of other Pyhäjärvis in Finland and its former territories, as well.

Viikinsaari is an island meaning Viking Island that is found in Pyhäjärvi. On it are held various summer events. There is a church in which can be seen old pagan symbols and a door marked with fist marks. The fist prints are left by the desperate red woman that were massacred during the civil war.

During the summer there are regular trips from the Tampere Harbour by boat to the Island. There is also a dance hall and place to eat there.


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