Lake Sempach

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Lake Sempach
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LocationCanton of Lucerne
Coordinates47°8.6667′N 8°9.1′E / 47.1444450°N 8.1517°E / 47.1444450; 8.1517Coordinates: 47°8.6667′N 8°9.1′E / 47.1444450°N 8.1517°E / 47.1444450; 8.1517
Primary inflowsGross Aa, Chli Aa (Sempachersee), Meierhofbach, Wilibach, Dorfbach (Sempachersee), Brandbach, Röllbach (Sempachersee), Lipperütibach, and some unnamed
Primary outflowsSuhre
Basin countriesSwitzerland
Surface area14.5 km2 (5.6 sq mi)
Average depth44 m (144 ft)
Max. depth87 m (285 ft)
Water volume0.66 km3 (540,000 acre⋅ft)
Residence time16.9 years
Surface elevation503.77 m (1,652.8 ft)
IslandsGamma Insel
SettlementsSursee, Sempach

Lake Sempach (German: Sempachersee) is a lake in the canton of Lucerne, Switzerland. Its area is about 14.5 km² and its maximum depth is 87 m.

A 50 metre-large island named Gamma Insel is located east of Sursee.

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