Lake Sennitsa

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Lake Sennitsa
Location Pskov Oblast
Coordinates Coordinates: 55°49′47″N 30°23′12″E / 55.82972°N 30.38667°E / 55.82972; 30.38667
Primary outflows Sennitsa River
Basin countries Russia, Belarus
Surface area 9.62 square kilometres (3.71 sq mi)[1]
Average depth 1.53 m (5 ft 0 in)
Max. depth 3.60 m (11.8 ft)

Lake Sennitsa (Russian: Сенница) is a sweetwater lake in Nevelsky District of Pskov Oblast, Russia[2] adjacent to the Belarus–Russia border. It is the source of the Sennitsa River, a left tributary of the Lovat River in the drainage basin of the Neva.[3] The village of Dubokray is located at the lakeside. The southern coast of the lake makes the border between Russia and Belarus. The eastern coast makes the border between Nevelsky and Usvyatsky Districts.

The area of the lake is 9.62 square kilometres (3.71 sq mi). The average depth is 1.53 metres (5.0 ft), while the deepest area is 3.60 metres (11.8 ft).[1] There are fourteen species of fish living in the lake including the northern pike and the European perch.[1]