Lake Singkarak

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Lake Singkarak.jpg
Lake Singkarak and the Ombilin river circa 1900
Location West Sumatra, Indonesia
Coordinates 0°37′12″S 100°32′24″E / 0.62000°S 100.54000°E / -0.62000; 100.54000Coordinates: 0°37′12″S 100°32′24″E / 0.62000°S 100.54000°E / -0.62000; 100.54000
Type Tectonic
Primary inflows Sumani River
Primary outflows Ombilin River, Anai River
Basin countries Indonesia
Surface area 107.8 km²
Average depth 149 m [1]
Max. depth 268 m
Water volume 16.1 km³
Surface elevation 362 m

Lake Singkarak (Indonesian: Danau Singkarak) is a lake in West Sumatra, Indonesia. It is located between the cities of Padang Panjang and Solok. It has an area of 107.8 km², being approximately 21 km long and 7 km wide. The natural outlet for excess water is the Ombilin river which flows eastward to the Strait of Malacca. A hydroelectric project however has diverted most of the lake outflow to the Anai river which flows westward into the Indian Ocean near Padang. This Singkarak power station uses this water to generate power for the West Sumatra and Riau provinces. A species of fish called ikan bilih (Mystacoleucus padangensis) is endemic to the lake, and is harvested for human consumption. A railway line, which connects Padang and Sawahlunto-Sijunjung, skirts the length of the lake on the eastern side.

Painting of Lake Singkarak in 1901

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  1. ^ Mean depth calculated as volume / surface area.