Lake Siriu

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Lake Siriu
Siriu Lake.jpg
Lake Siriu
Location Romania
Coordinates 45°30′N 26°15′E / 45.500°N 26.250°E / 45.500; 26.250Coordinates: 45°30′N 26°15′E / 45.500°N 26.250°E / 45.500; 26.250
Type artificial lake
Primary inflows Buzău River
Primary outflows Buzău River
Basin countries Romania
Max. length 11.5 km (7.1 mi)
Surface area 420 ha (1,000 acres)
Max. depth 120 m (390 ft) (dam height)
Water volume 155 hm3 (126,000 acre·ft) (max)
Settlements Siriu

Lake Siriu is an artificial dam lake in Romania, on the Buzău River valley. Construction of the dam started in 1982, and the 42 MW Nehoiașu hydroelectric plant was opened in 1994.

The dam is a 122 m high embankment dam with a clay core, the second largest embankment dam in Romania.

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