Lake St. Martin First Nation

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Lake St. Martin First Nation is a First Nations government and Treaty 2 signatory.

The First Nation was based primarily at Lake St. Martin about 225 kilometres (140 mi) northwest of Winnipeg until May 2011. When a massive flood hit Manitoba, the Government of Manitoba decided to divert water to Lake St. Martin in order to protect cottage, and agricultural properties on other bodies of water.[1] As a result all the housing at Lake St. Martin First Nation was destroyed. As of 2014, the approximately 1,900 flood evacuees are still displaced.[2]


  • The Narrows 49 2,613.30 hectares (6,457.6 acres)
  • The Narrows 49A 982 hectares (2,430 acres)


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Coordinates: 51°44′53″N 98°26′09″W / 51.748036°N 98.43571°W / 51.748036; -98.43571