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Großer Stechlinsee
LocationLandkreis Oberhavel, Brandenburg
Coordinates53°9′5.59″N 13°1′34.22″E / 53.1515528°N 13.0261722°E / 53.1515528; 13.0261722Coordinates: 53°9′5.59″N 13°1′34.22″E / 53.1515528°N 13.0261722°E / 53.1515528; 13.0261722
Primary outflowsPolzowkanal
Basin countriesGermany
Surface area4.52 km2 (1.75 sq mi)
Max. depth69.5 m (228 ft)
Surface elevation60.0 m (196.9 ft)

Großer Stechlinsee or Lake Stechlin is a lake in Landkreis Oberhavel, Brandenburg, Germany. At an elevation of 60 m, its surface area is 4.52 km². The Stechlin cisco, a dwarfed fish, is found only in this lake. Theodor Fontane's last novel, Der Stechlin, was set in its vicinity.

Stechlinsee has a maximum depth of 69.5 metres, making it the deepest lake in the State of Brandenburg. It is also one of the clearest with a visual depth of up to 11 metres (average 6 metres). The water is of drinking quality. It is home to the Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries.[1]

The Stechlin district is still one of the most important oligotrophic landscapes of Central Europe and a LIFE project was undertaken for the restoration of clear water lakes, mires and swamp forests of the Lake Stechlin.[2]

On 22.3.2012 The Global Nature Fund announced Lake Stechlin as the "Living Lake of the Year 2012".[3]


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