Lake Syamozero

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Lake Syamozero
Location Republic of Karelia
Coordinates 61°55′00″N 33°10′00″E / 61.9166667°N 33.1666667°E / 61.9166667; 33.1666667Coordinates: 61°55′00″N 33°10′00″E / 61.9166667°N 33.1666667°E / 61.9166667; 33.1666667
Primary outflows Shuya River, Karelia
Basin countries Russia
Surface area 265–270 km2 (102–104 sq mi)
Max. depth 24 m (79 ft)

Lake Syamozero (Russian: Сямозеро, Finnish: Säämäjärvi, Karelian: Seämärvi) is a large freshwater lake in the Republic of Karelia, northwestern part of Russia. It is located west of Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic, and has an area of 265–270 km². Maximum depth is about 24 m. There are a few islands on the lake. Syamozero is used for fishery, water transport and timber rafting. The lake is part of the basin of the Shuya River, which flows into Lake Onega.

2016 Boat Disaster[edit]

On June 18, 2016, 14 children died when a storm caught a tour group on the lake.[1][2][3] Four people have been arrested on suspicion of safety violations as there had been repeated warnings days prior of an impending storm and advising against boating on the lake.[4][5]

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