Lake Tikub

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Lake Tikub
Lake Tikub is located in Philippines
Lake Tikub
Lake Tikub
Location within the Philippines
Coordinates13°57′46″N 121°18′23″E / 13.96278°N 121.30639°E / 13.96278; 121.30639Coordinates: 13°57′46″N 121°18′23″E / 13.96278°N 121.30639°E / 13.96278; 121.30639
Max. length0.82 kilometres (0.51 mi)
Max. width0.73 kilometres (0.45 mi)
Surface area120 hectares (300 acres)
Max. depth75 metres (246 ft)[1]
Surface elevation97 metres (318 ft)[2]

Lake Tikub (also known as Lake Ticub,[3] Lake Ticob,[4] Lake Tikob[5] or Lake Ticab[6]) is a nearly circular crater lake located in the province of Quezon, in the Philippines. The circumference of the lake is elevated and thick with foliage that steeply slopes down to the shore of the lake. The lake is located at the foot of Mount Malepunyo, and nearby is Mount Banahaw, in Brgy. Ayusan, in the town of Tiaong. Access to the lake is through Brgy. San Pedro.[3]


Lake Tikub is a maar or a low-profile volcano created by phreatomagmatic eruption or the interaction between groundwater and magma underneath the Earth's surface. Like the seven lakes in the city of San Pablo, Laguna, which is about 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) away, the lake is one of the monogenetic volcanoes located in the Southwestern Luzon Volcanic field.[7]

Getting there[edit]

From Manila, take the Pan-Philippine Highway South heading to Lucena City. In Tiaong, Quezon, upon reaching the Total Gas station to your left. When you reach the steel bridge, slow down and turn right on the first small road, across the barangay hall. Drive straight through the rough road until you reach a clearing going uphill to your left. Walk uphill until you reach the lake.[8]


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