Lake Torrens National Park

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Lake Torrens National Park
South Australia
IUCN category VI (protected area with sustainable use of natural resources)[1]
Lake Torrens National Park is located in South Australia
Lake Torrens National Park
Lake Torrens National Park
Nearest town or cityWoomera
Coordinates31°02′40″S 137°51′35″E / 31.04444°S 137.85972°E / -31.04444; 137.85972Coordinates: 31°02′40″S 137°51′35″E / 31.04444°S 137.85972°E / -31.04444; 137.85972
Established19 December 1991 (1991-12-19)[2]
Area5,676.68 km2 (2,191.8 sq mi)[2]
Managing authoritiesDepartment for Environment and Water
WebsiteLake Torrens National Park
See alsoProtected areas of South Australia

Lake Torrens National Park is a protected area located in South Australia about 345 kilometres (214 miles) north of the Adelaide city centre. Material published by the national park's manager reports that:

The stark wilderness and the salt lake that stretches 250km in length make up the Lake Torrens National Park. Lake Torrens is usually a dry salt flat. It has only been filled with water once in the past 150 years. Thunderstorms occasionally provide a small amount of water in the lake, when this occurs the area attracts a variety of birdlife. The park's landscape provides opportunities for photography and studying geology.

The national park is located on land which is listed in the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia under the name Inland Saline Lakes. The national park is classified as an IUCN Category VI protected area.[3][4][5][1]

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