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Lake View Park (also known as Rawal Lake View Point or Rawal Lake Promenade) is a recreational area and wildlife park located near Village Malpur Rawal Lake, on Murree Road in Islamabad, Capital Territory, Pakistan. It runs under the administration of Capital Development Authority.

Public services[edit]

Some of the facilities here include:

  • Sitting pagoda
  • Picnic point
  • Ibex club, rock climbing gym
  • Motor sports ranch
  • Fancy aviary
  • Festival arena
  • Passenger road train
  • Paintball battlefield
  • Boating area
  • Fishing area
  • Swimming pool

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Coordinates: 33°42′41″N 73°07′55″E / 33.711277°N 73.132075°E / 33.711277; 73.132075