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Lake View Park (also known as Rawal Lake View Point or Rawal Lake Promenade) is a recreational area and wildlife park located near Village Malpur Rawal Lake, on Murree Road in Islamabad, Capital Territory, Pakistan. It runs under the administration of Capital Development Authority. This park also contains Pakistan's largest bird cage.

Public services[edit]

Some of the facilities here include: 2454

  • Sitting pagoda
  • Picnic point
  • Ibex club, rock climbing gym
  • Motor sports ranch
  • Fancy aviary
  • Festival arena
  • Passenger road train
  • Paintball battlefield
  • Boating arena on Saturday
  • Fishing area
  • horse riding mobs
  • Swimming pool


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Coordinates: 33°42′41″N 73°07′55″E / 33.711277°N 73.132075°E / 33.711277; 73.132075