Lake Viljandi

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Lake Viljandi
View from the Viljandi castle ruins.
Location Viljandi County
Coordinates 58°21′0″N 25°35′35″E / 58.35000°N 25.59306°E / 58.35000; 25.59306Coordinates: 58°21′0″N 25°35′35″E / 58.35000°N 25.59306°E / 58.35000; 25.59306
Primary inflows Valuoja, Köstri stream
Primary outflows Raudna
Basin countries Estonia
Max. length 4.33 km (2.69 mi)
Max. width 435 m (1,427 ft)
Surface area 1.58 km2 (0.61 sq mi)
Max. depth 11 m (36 ft)
Surface elevation 42.35 m (138.9 ft)
Settlements Viljandi

Lake Viljandi (Estonian: Viljandi järv; 1.55 km²) is a lake in Viljandi County, Estonia. The lake lies in the deep primeval valley of Viljandi, depth 11 m, length 4.6 km, width 450 m. The Uueveski and Valuoja streams and a number of springs flow into the lake. In the south-western part of the lake the Raudna River flows out. The main fish in the lake are bream, roach, perch and pike. The lake and its shores make up the Viljandi landscape protection area.

The Grand Race around Lake Viljandi is held annually.