Lake Waswanipi

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Lake Waswanipi
Location Baie-James, Quebec
Coordinates 49°33′07″N 76°27′00″W / 49.55194°N 76.45000°W / 49.55194; -76.45000Coordinates: 49°33′07″N 76°27′00″W / 49.55194°N 76.45000°W / 49.55194; -76.45000
Basin countries Canada

Lake Waswanipi is a lake in south western Quebec, Canada. The name is of Cree origin. Waswanipi is compound word composed of wâswâ- (to fish at night using a torch) and nipî (water), and is usually translated as "light over the water" [1] referring to the traditional night-time fishing method of luring fish to light by using torches. An island in the lake was historically the location of a Cree summer village, also known by the name of Waswanipi. In the 1970s its people were relocated to Waswanipi, a community located at the intersection of route 113 and Waswanipi River.