Lake Weir

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Lake Weir
Lake Weir FL01.jpg
View from Eastlake Weir
Location Marion County, Florida
Coordinates 29°01′N 81°56′W / 29.02°N 81.94°W / 29.02; -81.94Coordinates: 29°01′N 81°56′W / 29.02°N 81.94°W / 29.02; -81.94
Basin countries United States
Surface area 5,685 acres (9 mi²)
Average depth 10–20 feet (3.0–6.1 m)
Max. depth 34 feet (10 m)
Shore length1 38 mi (61 km)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Lake Weir is a fresh water lake located in southern Marion County, Florida.[1] Due to its large size and proximity, it is sometimes included with the Harris chain of lakes to the southeast, but is not directly hydrologically connected to them. It is connected to a smaller version of it Little Lake Weir to the west by a vegetation filled canal.

The lake was named for Nathaniel A. Ware, a state land official. There is a multitude of wildlife including fish, birds, and alligators. [2]

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