Lake of the Dead

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Lake of the Dead
De dødes tjern
Lake of the Dead (1958 film) coverart.jpg
Video Cover of "Lake of the Dead"
Directed by Kåre Bergstrøm
Written by André Bjerke
Kåre Bergstrøm
Starring Henny Moan
Henki Kolstad
André Bjerke
Narrated by Kåre Bergman
Music by Gunnar Sønstevold
Cinematography Ragnar Sørensen
Edited by Olav Engebretsen
Distributed by Norsk Film
Release date
December 17, 1958
Running time
76 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Lake of the Dead (In Norwegian; De dødes tjern, also known as Lake of the damned) is a 1958 Norwegian horror film directed by Kåre Bergstrøm. The film stars Henki Kolstad, Henny Moan and Georg Richter.


The film takes place 20–23 August 1958. Crime Author Bernhard Borge and his wife Sonja, psychoanalyst Kai Bugge, magazine editor Gabriel Mørk, lawyer Harald Gran and his fiancée Liljan Werner are six Oslo people who will visit Bjørn Werner (Liljan brother) in his cabin deep in the Østerdal forests. But, when the guests arrive, Werner is missing and his dog is found dead at a pond nearby. It's not long before they begin to ponder the old legend that is associated with the place: a man is said to have killed his sister and her lover and then drowned himself in the lake. It is said that everyone who stays in the house—the murder's cabin—would be possessed by a strange attraction: They would be forced to drown themselves in the pond. The company decides to solve the mystery, but soon it appears that they are exposed to the mysterious, fascinating powers that are tied to the lake.


  • André Bjerke as Gabriel Mørk
  • Bjørg Engh as Sonja, Bernhard's wife
  • Henki Kolstad as Bernhard Borge, crime writer
  • Per Lillo-Stenberg as Bjørn Werner, Liljans brother
  • Erling Lindahl as Kai Bugge, psychologist
  • Henny Moan as Liljan Werner
  • Øyvind Øyen as Bråten, policeman
  • Georg Richter as Harald Gran
  • Leif Sommerstad as Tore Gruvik, the ghost
  • Inger Teien as Eva, Bjørn's girlfriend


The movie is based on the 1942 novel by the same name, written by André Bjerke, the movie is shot all Black-and-white.


Lake of the Dead was nominated as the fourth-best film of all time in Norway in a test developed by Dagbladet in 1998, were 101 movie critics gave Norwegian movies points.[1] Lake of the Dead is in strong competition with Villmark for the title of the best Norwegian horror movie of all time. Both movies take place by a lake. A DVD was released October 14, 2009, with an English subtitled feature. Before that, the movie was hardly known outside of Norway.


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