Lakelse Lake Provincial Park

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Lakelse Lake
LocationBritish Columbia
Coordinates54°23′00″N 128°31′00″W / 54.38333°N 128.51667°W / 54.38333; -128.51667Coordinates: 54°23′00″N 128°31′00″W / 54.38333°N 128.51667°W / 54.38333; -128.51667
Basin countriesCanada

Lakelse Lake Provincial Park is a provincial park in British Columbia, Canada located just west of Highway 37 between Terrace and Kitimat.[1] The name is derived from the Coast Tsimshian language word "LaxGyels" - "fresh water mussel", for the mollusk that is found on the bottom of both Lakelse Lake and Lakelse River. Prior to Lakelse Lake becoming a provincial park, Hatchery Creek, which runs throughout the park, was the site of a sockeye salmon hatchery operated by the Canadian Government between 1919 and 1936. Lakelse Lake Provincial Park was established on March 16, 1956.

The park is 3.54 km2 (875 acres) in size and is primarily used for camping, boating, canoeing, swimming and nature trail walking.

The nearby Lakelse Hot Springs are located just east of the lake.[2] 54°21′00″N 128°32′00″W / 54.35000°N 128.53333°W / 54.35000; -128.53333


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