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Rumbek cattle camp
Rumbek cattle camp
Flag of Lakes
Location in South Sudan.
Location in South Sudan.
Coordinates: 6°46′N 28°53′E / 6.767°N 28.883°E / 6.767; 28.883Coordinates: 6°46′N 28°53′E / 6.767°N 28.883°E / 6.767; 28.883
Country  South Sudan
Region Bahr el Ghazal
Capital Rumbek
 • Total 43,595.08 km2 (16,832.15 sq mi)
Population (2008 census)
 • Total 695,730
 • Density 16/km2 (41/sq mi)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Lakes (al-Buhayrat) was one of the ten states of South Sudan. It has an area of 40,235 km². Rumbek is the capital of the state. Lakes is in the Bahr el Ghazal region of South Sudan, in addition to Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Western Bahr el Ghazal, and Warrap states. Bahr el Ghazal itself was a former province which was split from the Anglo-Egyptian mudiriyat, or province of Equatoria in 1948. The eastern border is the White Nile with Jonglei on the opposite bank. To the northeast lies Unity State. Other borders include Warrap State towards the northwest, Western Equatoria to the south and west, and Central Equatoria to the south.

As of July 2011, Ramciel in Lakes state is under consideration by the federal government as a site for a new national capital, which would replace Juba.[1]


Like all states in South Sudan, Lakes is divided into counties; there are eight counties, each headed by a County Commissioner.

County Area (km2) Population
Census 2008
Cueibet 4,823.56 47,041 Kongor Deng Kongor? (SPLM)
Rumbek North 4,531.13 43,410 Stephen Mathiang Deng
Rumbek Central 3,866.85 153,550 Abraham Meen Kuc (SPLM)
Wulu 11,700.60 40,550 Stephen Thiang Mangar
Rumbek East 3,588.10 122,832 David Marial Gumke (SPLM)
Yirol West 5,024.84 103,190 Majak Ruei Angong
Yirol East 5,400.90 67,402 Simon Majok Reech (SPLM )
Awerial 4,659.10 47,041 Simon Aguto Kok (SPLM)

The counties are further divided into Payams, then Bomas.


  • Caretaker governor – Matur Chut Dhuol (SPLM)
  • Deputy Governor - Santo Domic Chol
  • Director General for Local Government and Traditional Authority - Samuel Mabor Kedit
  • Minister of Education - Dut Makoi Kuok (SPLM)
  • Minister of Finance and Economic Planning - Maker Dit (SPLM)
  • Director General for Finance and Administration - Kuol Ayulo Kuol
  • Minister of Health - Daniel Gumwel Nhom Abur.
  • Minister for Physical Infrastructure - Abraham Meen Kuc (SPLM)
  • Minister for Agriculture - Adet Majuong
  • Minister for Information, Communication, Culture, Youth and Sports - Mrs. Mariem Paul (SPLM)
  • Minister for Social Welfare - Mrs.Achol Aguek (USAP 2)
  • Minister for Public Service and Human Resources Development - Mr.Dhieu Wel Takpiny
  • Media

Lakes state is where most cycle of revenge and cattle raiding remain since CPA was signed in 2005 between Republic of Sudan and the former rebel the SPLA/M. Manyang Mayom, the Human Right journalist kept Engle eye on Lakes state issues to oppress the state government who used oppressive law on it citizen. Mayom was viewed as an Icon for his stand to protect human Right in Lakes state and across South Sudan. Mayom won Human Right Watch Award in August 4, 2010.

County Commissioners[edit]

  • Rumbek Central - Mr.Mawet Manuer Khok (SPLM)
  • Rumbek East - William Madong (SPLM) *Replaced Mabor Mayen Wuol and Cirilo Majok Mading, and David Marial Gumke also from the SPLM.[2]
  • Rumbek North - Machar Marial Aweckoc[3]
  • Wulu - Benjamin Akol Muorwel
  • Aweirial - Deng Abass (SPLM)
  • Cueibet - Isaac Mayom Malek (SPLM)
  • Yirol West - Majak Lueth Angong
  • Yirol East - Manyang Lueth Nyithou
  • Commissioner of Lakes state headquarter - Mangar Matoch (SPLM) replacing Athuc Michael and Benjamin Machiek (UDF)
  • Commissioner of Lakes state police headquarters - Mading Duor (SPLM)


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