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Lakeview High School (LHS) is a high school located in St. Clair Shores (SCS), Michigan. It is a part of Lakeview Public Schools. "St. Clair Shores" separates Lakeview from its cross-state, like-named Battle Creek Lakeview High School.[1] The school (SCS) is situated in Macomb County and located off of 11 Mile Road between Harper Avenue and Little Mack Avenue. Lakeview's mascot is the Husky and its school colors are silver and blue.

As of 2008 the school has undergone many enhancements thanks to the passing of a bond. Changes include a completely redone track and athletic field, a new cafeteria, an added gymnasium, new band room lockers and a renovated weight room. Numerous other aesthetic improvement were also made, e.g. the addition of blue awnings and pillars outside entrances with letters displaying the school's name overhead (also in blue), as a complement to the general off-white brick color of the building.[2]

Lakeview High School was accredited as an official educational facility in 1954 by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and is periodically evaluated by them as well as being accredited by the Bureau of Accreditation and School Improvement Studies School of Education: The University of Michigan.[3]


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