Lakha of Mewar

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Lakha or Laksha Singh (? - 1421), was the third Maharana of the Mewar Kingdom. [1] He was the son of Maharana Kheta and ruled from 1382 until his death in 1421, when he was killed in battle.

Lakha was married several times and had at least eight sons.[1] His son Mokal Singh by his wife Rani Hansa Devi became the fourth Maharana in 1421.[1] During his reign, Lakha took the remaining Mewar territories from Delhi. His another son Chunda went to Begu Fort in Rajasamand and ruled their itself. The followers of Chunda are known as Chundawats.


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Preceded by
Ruler of the Mewar Kingdom
1382 - 1421
Succeeded by