Lako Bodra

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Lako Bodra
Lako Bodra
Lako Bodra
Born(1919-09-19)19 September 1919
Paseya, Khutpani, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand, India
Died29 June 1986(1986-06-29) (aged 66)
Pen nameKol Lako Bodra
OccupationThinker, poet, writer, Dramatist
NationalityNative Indian/Bharatiya
SubjectWriter & Linguistic
Literary movementLanguage & Linguistic Identity with Self determination
Notable works
  • Saraswati Gowari
  • Baha Buru-Bonga Buru
  • Kol Rule
  • Halang Halpung
  • Sahar Hora
  • Sishu Halang

Ot Guru Kol Lako bodra[1] (Ho: 𑢵 𑢫𑣋𑣜𑣃 𑢬𑣉𑣚 𑢺𑣌𑣉 𑢷𑣉𑣔𑣜𑣁, 19 September 1919 - 29 June 1986) is the creator of the Warang Chiti writing system used for writing the Ho language.[2]

Early life[edit]

OTT GURU KOL Lako Bodra was born on 19 September 1919 in Paseya village, Khutpani Block, West Singhbhum, Jharkhand to a humble and religious family of Lebeya and Jano Bodra. He started his primary education at Badchom Hatu primary school. After completing his primary school he took admission in Purueya primary school. In Purueya he completed his 8th class then his parents sent him to his maternal uncle's home in Chakradharpur. In Chakradharpur he was admitted to the Grammar High School in 9th class. After completing his 9th class he went to Chaibasa for further studies. He took admission in matriculation in District High School, Chaibasa. After completing matriculation there, he moved to Jalandhar, Punjab with the help of Jaipal Singh for further education and attended Jalandhar city college where he graduated in Homeopathy.

Professional life and Warang Chiti[edit]

After completing his education he went back home. Then he got a job in Indian Railways as a clerk and was posted to Danguwapasi. During his job in railways he invented the Warang Chiti alphabet. For spreading it, he created Adi Samaj (Dupub Huda) in Jodapokhar, Jhinkpani by help of Mr. Mahati Bandara. Adi Samaj meetings were held in a house in the ACC cement plant colony in Jhinkpani. Near by village people came to the Adi Samaj to become literate in Warang Chiti.


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