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Here is a list of articles pertaining to Lakota mythology, a Native American tribe of North and South Dakota:

  1. Anog Ite, the two-faced goddess and mother of the Four Winds and Yum the whirlwind. Daughter of the wizards Ka and Wa.
  2. Anpao, the two-faced god of dawn.
  3. Canotila, forest-dwelling beings
  4. Capa, beaver god of labor
  5. Cetan, hawk spirit of the east
  6. Heyoka, the contrarian who has visions of Waukheon
  7. Iktomi, the spider trickster spirit and son of Inyan
  8. Inyan, the primordial creator god
  9. Iya, the destructive storm monster of the north and brother to Iktomi
  10. Skan, the motion of the universe
  11. Tate, the wind god
  12. Unhcegila, the serpent monster
  13. Untunktahe, the water god
  14. Wakan Tanka, the Great Spirit
  15. Waukheon, the Thunderbird
  16. Whope, the Spirit of peace and the wife of the south wind Okaga
  17. Wi, the solar spirit of bison. Also known as Anpetu Wi (Daytime Wi) to differentiate him from Hanwi, who is also known as Wi.
  18. Yuwipi, the healing ceremony
  19. Wakinyan, thunder spirits
  20. White Buffalo Calf Woman, the prophetess who taught the Lakota to practice the Seven Sacred Rites

Other beings include:

  • Tokahe - the first man to emerge from the underworld
  • Makȟá-akáŋl, or Maka - the earth goddess created by Inyan as his lover
  • Yum - a whirlwind god, child of Anog Ite
  • Han - ancient spirit of darkness banished to be under Maka
  • Hanwi - the moon goddess who accompanies Wi. Also known as Hanhepi Wi (Nighttime Wi) to differentiate her from Wi, as she is known also as Wi.
  • Hehaka - the male elk god of sexuality
  • Hihankara (Owl-Maker) - the aged goddess who stands upon the entrance to the Milky Way and admits the nagi who show her the proper tattoos. Those who fail her will be pushed back to Earth to wander as ghosts.
  • Hnaska - the frog god of sorcery
  • Hogan - the purifying fish spirit of water
  • Iktinike - the dishonest son of Wi who was banished to earth
  • Ka - the first woman, banished to earth as a witch with her husband Wa for helping their daughter Anog-Ite supplant Hanwi
  • Keya - turtle spirit of health, safety, and healing rituals
  • Mato - mischievous healer bear spirit of passionate emotions
  • Mica - trickster coyote spirit
  • Nagi - a soul
  • Okaga - fertility spirit of the south winds
  • Sungmanito - wolf spirit of hunting and war
  • Sunka - dog spirit of companionship and faithfulness
  • Taku Skanskan - capricious chaotic spirit who is master of the four winds and the four night spirits, Raven, Vulture, Wolf, Fox
  • Ta Tanka (Great Beast) - the male buffalo spirit of plenty. Enemy of Mica.
  • Tatankan Gnaskiyan (Crazy Buffalo) - malevolent spirit who wreaks havoc on love affairs, causing feuds, murders, and suicides
  • Unk (Contention) - Maka's companion who causes quarrels, and is banished to the depths of the waters for her actions. She is Iya's mother, and she is the progenitor of all evil things.
  • Wa - the first man, banished to earth as the wizard Wazi with his wife Ka for helping their daughter Anog Ite to supplant Hanwi. Like his wife, he helps whoever he chooses.
  • Waziya (Blower From Snow Pines) - a giant who guarded the entrance to the place of the aurora borealis. He fights against the south winds with his cold, icy, breath. He also brings famine and diseases. [1]
  • Wakanpi - spirits or divinities.
  • Wamaka Nagi - souls of animals, especially of domesticated types such as dogs or horses. They accompany their owners as they go to the Milky Way in the afterlife.
  • Wambli - eagle spirit of councils, hunting kills, and battle
  • Wanagi - souls of departed human beings. They ascend to the Milky Way to be judged by Hihankara, who tosses those without proper tattoos to be thrown back to Earth to wander as ghosts. Living souls are known as Woniya.
  • Wani - the four elder sons of Tate who oversee the cardinal directions, the four winds, health, the weather, and fertility. They can be combined into a single figure.
  • Wiyohipeyata - the wind god of the west who oversees endings and nighttime occurrences
  • Wiyohiyanpa - the wind god of the east who oversees beginnings and daytime occurrences
  • Wo Nagi - spiritual essence of food. Lakotas have to give due reverence and gratitude to their provisions, to ensure that the Wakanpi will not be upset.
  • Zuzeca - snake god of hidden things, concealed knowledge, and outright lies.


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