Lakshman Sen

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Lakshman Sen
লক্ষ্মণ সেন
King of Bengal
Reign 1178–1206
Predecessor Ballal Sen
Successor Vishwarup Sen
Spouse Tandra Devi
Issue Vishwarup Sen
Keshab Sen
House House of Sen
Father Ballal Sen
Mother Ram Devi

Lakshman Sen (Bengali: লক্ষ্মণ সেন; reign: 1178–1206) was the fourth king of the Sen dynasty of Bengal, who ruled for about 28 years. Lakshman Sen succeeded his father Ballal Sen. The history of his reign can be reconstructed from the epigraphs of his time so far discovered.

Preceded by
Ballal Sen
King of Sena Dynasty, Bengal
Succeeded by
Vishwarup Sen

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