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Four sons of Nawrūz Khan of Lalpoora photograph (1878) by John Burke (photographer)
Bridge building in Lal Pur District
Nangarhar districts.

Lal Pur is a district in the east of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, bordering Pakistan. Its population, which is 100% Pashtun, was estimated at 34,516 in 2002, of whom 13,800 were children under 12. The district centre is the village of Lal Pur.

Lal Pur is home to many Afghan statesmen of the past century. Marchakhel family is the famous family of lalpura.Marchakhel is the sub tribe of Tarak zai Momands. "Khan kor" ( Royal Family of khan) which is a sub tribe of Marchakhel momands, members of the Royal family are the most noble & powerful among the momands.The khan was regarded as king of momands by many famous afghans such as Amir sher Ali khan of Afghanistan.Khan was having khani over all the momands and still at the present have influence over lalpura the present Chief khan of mohmand and khan of lalpura is khan Tahir Zaman Mohmand Lalpura was a famous trade route for trade from Subcontinent to Afghanistan to Russia (present day central asian republics) and other countries,the khan would collect tax from the traders,no trade would pass without the khans permission.Lalpura was considered as an kingdom,Khan had his own army his own rules.The khans had fought many times with the Britishers during the afghan wars.Saadat khan of lalpura was the father in law of Amir of Afghanistan and was grandfather of the famous Amir Ayub khan of Afghanistan also known as The victor of Maiwand or The Afghan Prince Charlie.

The Marchakhel were the chief of Momands and had influence over all Momand tribes except the safi momand which were under the influence of khan of Bajawar. Marchakhels ruled over all mohmands, Marchakhels rule was from lalpura,Afghanistan to peshawar,Pakistan.

Many Famous Afghan and Pakistani politicians, Generals claim Lal Pur as their ancestral home. Most of the members of the khan family live in Peshawar,Pakistan.


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