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Lal Salam (Hindi: लाल सलाम, Bengali: লাল সেলাম,Urdu: لال سلام‎, Kannada: ಕೆಂಪು ವಂದನೆ meaning "Red Salute") is a salute, greeting, or code word used by communists in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, Lal means red, the colour of communism, and Salam is an Arabic loan word in use in the subcontinent. In Arabic, it literally means "peace", but this usage here is in line with the Persian language usage, with the meaning "salute". This greeting is common among all communist parties in India.

In Pakistan, the equivalent phrase "Surkh Salam" (Urdu: سرخ سلام‎) is used interchangeably.

The tribute arranged by comrades after the death of a Naxalite is also called the "Lal Salam".[1]

In popular culture[edit]

A Malayalam feature film called Lal Salam deals with the growth and deterioration of the Communist government in Kerala, South India.


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