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Michel Corneille the Younger, Lala from Cyzicus painting, Palace of Versailles, 1672

Lala, from Cyzicus, was a painter and sculptor of antiquity. She excelled in painting portraits of women.[1]


Lala of Cyzicus lived in Rome about the same time that M. Varro was a young man, which was around 74 B.C. She utilized a pencil on ivory while involving the cestrum. She specialized her artwork on pictures of women and herself in which she used a mirror to accomplish. She was also known to be a fast painter. She never got married. Lala was so esteemed in the work that she did that it filled Galleries in Rome.[2] Lala is also known to have been one of the first recorded miniature painters. She also has an enormous collection of over 700 portraits for Varro's Hebdomades. Not only did she paint on ivory, but she also painted on vellum.[3]


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