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Lala Hassenberg
Elizabeth Tudor
Elizabeth Tudor.jpg
Elizabeth Tudor in Stuttgart, Germany
Born July 26, 1978
Baku, Azerbaijan
Alma mater Azerbaijan International University, Florida International University, University of Miami School of Law
Genre Science fiction
Notable works
  • Secrets of the underwater Caspian
  • Murderer Chupacabra
  • Prisoner 1333
  • The Saros series

Elizabeth Tudor (full name Lala Elizabeth Tudor Hassenberg) (born July 26, 1978 in Baku) Azerbaijani-Russian science fiction writer of Jewish ancestry. As of 2008, she is the author of 18 novels published in Russian.[1]


Elizabeth Tudor is a member of the International Federation of Russian-speaking Writers and the Writers' Union of Azerbaijan.


She graduated from the Azerbaijan International University in 1998, the Florida International University in 2013 and the University of Miami School of Law in 2015. She started to write in 1994, having selected science fiction as her vocation, and from 1998 she has completely devoted herself to literary work.

Her first novel was published in 2001, the science fiction novel War of Times. In 2002, Elizabeth Tudor was accepted into the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan. In the same year her two new books, the science-fiction novel Elects of Heavens and the collection of fantastic and adventure stories Murderer Chupacabra were published.

In 2003, she finished the historical-fantastic novel Secret of Underwater Caspian. 2004 was marked by the publication of the science fiction novel Seven Envoys, which she devoted to the memory of English writer Walter Scott. In 2005 two other books were published – Exiles of Heavens and Masters of heavens.

In 2007, Tudor's next science-fiction novel Collision, devoted to the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the same year was issued the collection of stories The Shadow of Centuries. Tudor is a member of international writers' unions such as The New Contemporary and Broad Universe.[2]

In 2016, Elizabeth Tudor became a member of the Authors Guild, the America's oldest and largest professional organization for writers.[3]

Her series Saros of historical fantasy novels will be reportedly a 13-volume series.[1]



  • "Война времен" (2001) (War of times)
  • "Избранники небес" (2002) (Elects of heavens)
  • "Тайны подводного Каспия" (2004) (Secrets of the underwater Caspian)
  • "Семь посланников" (2004) (Seven envoys)
  • "Изгнанники небес" (2005) (Exiles of heavens)
  • "Повелители небес" (2005) (Masters of heavens)
  • "Коллизия" (2007) (Collision)
  • Сарос. "Кевин Коннор" (2009) (Saros: Kevin Connor)
  • Сарос. «Аарон Шмуэль» (2009) (Saros: Aaron Shmuel)
  • Сарос. «Барак Келлерман» (2011) (Saros: Barak Kellerman)
  • Сарос. «Борис Гроссман» (2013) (Saros: Boris Grossman)
  • Сарос. «Аббас Алекперов» (2014) (Saros: Abbas Alakbarov)[4]

Short novels[edit]

  • "Черная смерть в белую зиму"
  • "Ложь, предательство и месть"
  • "Тень веков" (2007)


  • "Убийца Чупакабра" (2002) (Murderer Chupacabra)
  • "Если наступит завтра…" ("If tomorrow comes....")
  • "Захватчики миров"
  • "Горячий капучино" (Hot Capuccino)
  • "Эльютера – остров грез" ("Eleuthera - the island of dreams")
  • "Время, взятое взаймы"
  • "Человек-шок"
  • "Интеллигент-убийца"
  • "Убийца времени" ("The Time Killer")
  • "Сон во сне"
  • "Воришка Бен"
  • "Заключенный 1333" (2008) (Prisoner 1333)


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