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Lala Hasanova / Elizabeth Tudor
Elizabeth Tudor.jpg
Lala Hasanova in Stuttgart, Germany
Born July 26, 1978
Baku, Azerbaijan
Education Bachelor of Laws degree, International University

Lala Hasanova (Russian: Лала Гасанова) (pen-name Elizabeth Tudor) (born July 26, 1978 in Baku) Azerbaijani-Russian science fiction writer of Jewish ancestry.[1] Her first novel was published in 2001. As of 2008, she is the author of 18 novels published in Russian.[2]

She graduated from the Faculty of Law of Azerbaijan International University. She started to write in 1994, having selected science fiction as her vocation, and from 1998 she has completely devoted herself to literary work. In 2001 the first significant literary work of the author, the science fiction novel War of Times was published. In 2002 Hasanova was accepted into the Union of Writers of Azerbaijan. In the same year her two new books, the science-fiction novel Elects of Heavens and the collection of fantastic and adventure stories Murderer Chupacabra were published.[1]

In 2003 she finished the historical-fantastic novel Secret of Underwater Caspian. 2004 was marked by the publication of the science fiction novel Seven Envoys, which she devoted to the memory of English writer Walter Scott. In 2005 two other books were published - Exiles of Heavens and Masters of heavens.[1]

In 2007, Hasanova's next science-fiction novel Collision, devoted to the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the same year was issued the collection of stories The Shadow of Centuries. Hasanova is a member of international writers' groups such as The New Contemporary and Broad Universe.[1]

She is reportedly working on a 13-volume series Saros of historical fantasy novels.[2]


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