Lala Mehmed Pasha

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Not to be confused with Sokolluzade Lala Mehmed Pasha, who served as grand vizier between 1604–1606.
Tekeli Mehmed
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
In office
19 November 1595 – 28 November 1595
Monarch Mehmed III
Preceded by Koca Sinan Pasha
Succeeded by Koca Sinan Pasha
Personal details
Born unknown
Gölmarmara, Ottoman Empire
Died 28 November 1595
Istanbul, Ottoman Empire (Modern Turkey)
Nationality Ottoman
Halime Hatun Religious Complex in Gölmarmara built by the sultan Mehmed III during his tenure in Manisa (1583-1595) in the name of his wet nurse and future grand vizier Tekeli Lala Mehmed Pasha's mother-in-law Halime Hatun.

Lala Mehmed Pasha (died 28 November 1595) was a grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire between 19 November and 28 November 1595 under the reign of Mehmed III, and an Ottoman military figure.[1]

Born in Gölmarmara in western Anatolia, he became a lala (tutor) to the sultan Murad III and then to his son Mehmed III, hence his nickname. After having married the daughter of Mehmed III's daye (wet nurse) Halime Hatun, Mehmed Pasha rose to serve as grand vizier in 1595, the first year of Mehmed III's reign, although only for a matter of few days before he suddenly died.[1][2] His lineage continued for centuries, coming all the way to Huseyin Avni Pasha.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Koca Sinan Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
19 November 1595 – 28 November 1595
Succeeded by
Koca Sinan Pasha