Lala Şahin Pasha

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Lala Şahin Paşa
Died after 1388
Buried at Plovdiv
Allegiance  Ottoman Empire
Years of service 1360–88
Wars, campaigns and battles

Lala Şahin Pasha (Turkish: Lala Şahin Paşa; 1330 – after 1388) was the first Beylerbey of Rumelia. He was the teacher (lala) of Sultan Murad I, and when Murad succeeded the throne, Şahin led the Ottoman campaign of Thrace.[1] In 1360, he took Didymoticho, and in 1362, Adrianople, which afterwards served as the Ottoman seat of throne as Edirne.[2] In 1364, he took Boruj and Plovdiv. He was one of commanders in Battle of Maritsa (1371).[3] As of 1382 he ruled in Sofia. He was decisively defeated by Prince Lazar of Serbia at the Battle of Pločnik (1385–86).[4] He was badly defeated by the Bosnians in the Battle of Bileća on August 27, 1388.


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Political offices
Preceded by
post created
Beylerbey of the Rumelia Eyalet
c. 1360—1382
Succeeded by