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Lalaing (de)
noble family
Country Holy Roman Empire
County of Hainaut
Habsburg Netherlands
Spanish Netherlands
Austrian Netherlands

First French Empire
United Kingdom of the Netherlands

Kingdom of Belgium
Place of origin County of Flanders
Founded± 11th century
TitlesLords of Bugnicourt

Lords of Culemborg
Lords of Escornaix
Lords of Montigny
Lords of Villers
Lords of Wavrin
Lords of Zandbergen
Barons of Arquennes
Counts of Lalaing
Counts of Hoogstraten
Counts of Rennenberg
Counts of Tildonck
Viscount of Audenaerdee

Marquesses of Renty
MottoSans Reproche
Estate(s)Counties of Lallaing, Hoogstraten and Renneberg. Baronies of Montigny, Escornaix. Lordships of Hantes and Bugnicourt. Château de Forest-sur-Marque, Château de Lallaing, Château d'Écaussinnes-Lalaing, Château d'Audenarde, Château d'Hoogstraten, Château de Lalaing

The de Lalaing family is a noble family from the south of Flanders (Lallaing is currently in France) which played an important role in the history of the County of Hainaut and of the Netherlands. The current family belongs to the Belgian nobility.


The first known ancestor is Gerard de Forest who lived in the 11th century. Thanks to the wedding of Philipp of Lalaing, 2nd Count of Hoogstraten to Anne Countess of Renneberg, daughter of William, count of Rennenberg and Anne of Culemborg, their descendants inherited multiple important lands and titles.[1]

Family Tree[edit]

the Count of Hoogstraeten during the Funeral of Albert VII, Arcduke
Charles, Count of Hoogstraeten
Antoine II de Lalaing, 3rd Count of Hoogstraeten and Eleonore of Montmorency

Descendants of Othon[edit]

Othon, Lord of Lalaing;
Married to Yolande of Barbançon, Lady of Montigny

Descendants of the 3rd Count of Hoogstraeten[edit]

Antoine II de Lalaing, 3rd Count of Hoogstraeten(1533–1568)
Married to Eleonore de Montmorency

    • Guillaume de Lalaing, 4th Count of Hoogstraeten;
      married to Marie-Christine of Egmont, daughter of the Prince of Gavere.
      • Antoine III of Lalaing, 5th Count of Hoogstraeten;
        Married to Marguerite of Berlaymont - No children-
    • Charles de Lalaing, 6th Count of Hoogstraeten: Knight of the Golden Fleece and of Saint-James.
      Married to Alexandrine de Langlee.
      • Albert-François de Lalaing, 7th Count of Hoogstraeten
        • Marie-Gabriel de Lalaing; 8th Countess of Hoogstraeten.
    • Philippe de Lalaing, Baron of Nevele; Canon at the Cathedral of Liège
Full achievement of the arms of the Lalaing family.

Viscounts of Audenaerde[edit]

The Residence of the Viscount of Oudenaerde, 17th century facade

This legitimated branch of the family descends from Antoine I de Lalaing. They resided between the 15th and 17th century in the House of Lalaing, Oudenaarde. It is believed to be the birthplace of Margaret of Parma.[3]

Philip de Lalaing, Lord of La Mouillerie
married to Florentia Rechem, Lady of Audenaerde.[4]

    • Jacques I de Lalaing, 5th Viscount of Audenaerde ;
      married to Marie, lady of Enghien.
      • Philippe de Lalaing, 6th Viscount of Audenaerde;
        died without heirs.
      • Charles I de Lalaing, 7th Viscount of Audenaerde;
        married to Catherine de Fourneau.
        • Ferry de Lalaing, 8th Viscount of Audenaerde;
          married to Marie-Anne van der Noot
          • Jacques II de Lalaing, 9th Viscount of Audenaerde;
            married to Maria Therese Rym, granddaughter of Simon Rodriguez de Evora, 1st Baron of Rode.
            • Maximilien-Joseph, 1st count of Lalaing, 10th Viscount of Audenaerde;

Counts of Lalaing-Thildoncq[edit]

Jacques de Lalaing son of Maximilien III de Lalaing

Maximilien I Joseph, count de Lalaing, 10th Viscount of Audenaerde (+1756);
married to Marie-Catherine de Larchier, Countess of Thildoncq[5]

    1. Charles II Joseph, count de Lalaing, 11th Viscount of Audenaerde and Count of Thildoncq,
      Married to Marie Camille de Beer.[5]
      1. Maximilien II Charles de Lalaing, 12th Viscount of Audenaerde, Count of Thildoncq;
        married to Anne-Marie de Draeck.
        1. Charles III Joseph de Lalaing, 1st Baron of Arquennes, (1768-1816)
          married to Henriette de Maldeghem
          1. Maximilien III de Lalaing (1811-1881)
            1. Charles Maximilien de Lalaing (1857-1919); diplomat.
            2. Jacques de Lalaing; sculptor
    2. Eugène-François de Lalaing d'Audenaerde ;Lord Chamberlain of the Archduchess.
      married to Agatha-Sohia de Espegrac.[5][6]
      1. Charles Eugène de Lalaing d'Audenarde; General; knight grand Cross of the Legion of Honour;
        married to Julienne, Countess Dupuy

Current head branch[edit]

The current family moved back to Belgium.

Charles Maximilien de Lalaing (1857-1919); diplomat.

    1. Jacques III de Lalaing (1889-1969); Secretary and ambassador of the King.[7]
      1. Josse de Lalaing (1927-)
        1. Jacques IV de Lalaing (°1970);
          married to Laviana von Walburg Wolfegg und Waldsee.
    2. Maximilian de Lalaing (1893-1894)
    3. Isabella de Lalaing (1896-1929); married to Gustave de Mévius.

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