Lalamilo Wells

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Lalamilo Wells
CountryUnited States
LocationSouth Kohala, Hawaii County, Hawaii
Coordinates19°59′15″N 155°45′56″W / 19.98750°N 155.76556°W / 19.98750; -155.76556Coordinates: 19°59′15″N 155°45′56″W / 19.98750°N 155.76556°W / 19.98750; -155.76556
Commission date1985 (1985)
Decommission date2010 (2010)
Owner(s)Hawaiian Electric Company
Wind farm
Site area0.2 sq mi (1 km2)
Site elevation1,273 ft (388 m)
Power generation
Units operational0
Make and modelJacobs
Units decommissioned120

Lalamilo Wells is a wind farm on the island of Hawaii. It is located within the ahupuaʻa (ancient land division) called Lalamilo,[1] between the coastal area known as Puako, Hawaii, and the inland towns of Waimea and Waikoloa Village, Hawaii. It was commissioned in 1985 with 39 17.5 kW Jacobs wind turbines and 81 20 kW Jacobs wind turbines, yielding a total capacity of 2.3 MW.[2]

Starting in January 2006, the electric utility operating the wind farm, Hawaiian Electric Company (HELCO), operated a demonstration model of a grid-stabilizing unit, known as an Electronic Shock Absorber (ESA). This unit was designed to increase the stability of the island's grid, which has a relatively high penetration of wind energy, which is subject to rapid fluctuations.[3] However, the unit was damaged in an earthquake in October 2006.[4]


By 2010 the turbines were antiquated; only two-thirds were still in operation. The farm was decommissioned that year in anticipation of replacing the turbines with more efficient modern models.

Lalamilo Wind Company was awarded the contract to repower and operate the wind farm. They plan to install five Vestas V47/660 kW turbines that together would have a generating capacity of 3.3 MW. Commercial operation is intended to begin in late 2015 or early 2016.[5][6][7]


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