Lalla Bahia

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Lalla Bahia
Died 3 September 2008
Rabat, Morocco
Burial Moulay El Hassan Mausoleum
Spouse Mohammed V of Morocco
Issue Lalla Amina
House Alaouite dynasty
(by marriage)
Father Antar
Religion Islam

Lalla Bahia bint Antar (died 3 September 2008 in Rabat) was a third wife of Mohammed V of Morocco, who reigned from 1927 until 1961.[1] Bahia was also the mother of Princess Lalla Amina of Morocco.[1]

Lalla Bahia was a lady from a wealthy Berber family.

Bahia died on 3 September 2008.[2] Her funeral was held at the Mausoleum of Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco.[1]


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