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Lalor railway station Platform.jpg
Southbound view in March 2012
Location Station Street, Lalor
Coordinates 37°39′57″S 145°01′02″E / 37.6659°S 145.0173°E / -37.6659; 145.0173Coordinates: 37°39′57″S 145°01′02″E / 37.6659°S 145.0173°E / -37.6659; 145.0173
Owned by VicTrack
Operated by Metro
Line(s) South Morang
Distance 20.72 kilometres from Southern Cross
Platforms 2 (1 island)
Tracks 2
Connections Bus
Structure type Ground
Parking 417
Bicycle facilities Yes
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Status Unstaffed
Station code LAL
Fare zone Myki Zone 2
Website Public Transport Victoria
Opened October 1949
Electrified Yes
Preceding station   Metro Trains   Following station
South Morang line
toward South Morang

Lalor railway station is located on the South Morang line, in Victoria, Australia. It serves the north-eastern Melbourne suburb of Lalor, and opened in October 1949 as Rail Motor Stopping Place 77. It was renamed Lalor on 27 August 1952.[1]

It was originally served by the Thomastown to Whittlesea AEC railmotor shuttle.[2] In November 1959, the line from Reservoir was electrified, with the line beyond Lalor closed.[1][3] In November 1964, the line beyond reopened as far as Epping, and also electrified.[4]

Lalor station, like the suburb in which it is located, was originally pronounced /ˈlɔːlər/ (locally [ˈloːlə]), as it was named after Peter Lalor, and although some people still pronounce it as such, in recent times, the pronunciation /ˈllɔːr/ or /-lər/ (locally [ˈlæɪloː, -lə]) has become predominant.

In addition, the Victorian Railways Newsletter of 1973, and Victorian RailWays of 1974—Victorian Railways in-house newsletters—stated that the correct pronunciation was /ˈlɔːlər/ (locally [ˈloːlə]).[5]

The current station building was provided in the mid 1970s.[6]

The current day Platform 1 was formerly a dock platform.[7][8] In August 1988, points from No. 1 track to the main line were provided at the Down end of the station, effectively forming a crossing loop between Thomastown and Epping.[9] This arrangement existed until November 2011, when the line between Keon Park and Epping was duplicated,[1][10] with the points at both ends of the station abolished.

Platforms & services[edit]

Lalor has one island platform with two faces. It is serviced by Metro Trains' South Morang line services.[11]

Platform 1:

Platform 2:

Transport links[edit]

Dyson's Bus Services operates five routes via Lalor station:


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