Bin Manana Twin Towers

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Bin Manama towers
أبراج بن منانة التوأم
Former names Lam Tara towers
General information
Status Never built[1][2]
Type Office
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Coordinates 25°11′42.20″N 55°15′42.20″E / 25.1950556°N 55.2617222°E / 25.1950556; 55.2617222Coordinates: 25°11′42.20″N 55°15′42.20″E / 25.1950556°N 55.2617222°E / 25.1950556; 55.2617222
Construction started 2007
Estimated completion 2010
Technical details
Floor count Tower 1 - 77
Tower 2 - 88

The Lam Tara Towers was a planned complex of two towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. They were supposed to be built along Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite to the Millennium Tower. Bin Manama tower 1 was designed to have 77 storeys and a total structural height of 384 m (1,260 ft). However, in December, 2010 the construction of the twin towers was cancelled.[3]

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