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View of Lam Tei, with Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery on the left. The Sherwood and Botania Villa can be seen in the background.
Lam Tei Main Street
To Ancestral Hall (left) and Sam Shing Temple (right) in Tuen Tsz Wai (屯子圍), a walled village in Lam Tei.

Lam Tei (Chinese: 藍地; pinyin: lándì; literally: "blue ground") is an area in the Tuen Mun District of the New Territories, Hong Kong. The region lies at the north end of Tuen Mun city. It is highly rural, with Miu Fat Buddhist Monastery being a landmark of the region. The Sherwood (豫豐花園) and Botania Villa (綠怡居) are two residential estates in Lam Tei.


Features of the area include:


Lam Tei is reachable by Castle Peak Road. There is also a Light Rail stop, served by routes 610, 614, 615, and 751.

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